Each Pandora beads, is a story

Published: Friday 18 November, 2016
Pandora is the most popular consumer is her personality customization model, the brand will separate bracelets and pendants sold separately, consumers can choose the bracelet, from thousands of various styles of pendants in the free combination and collocation. This Pandora has proudly declared: "the world is difficult to find two identical Pandora bracelet."
In general, style, precious stones fineness and high price is the main purpose of people to buy jewelry, and Pandora is a change of routine, will Jiangxinduju style design, exclusive customization and significance in the together, the most important is the meaning.
Girls are naturally born animals, love everything with romantic things. In addition to personality customization mode, Pandora each bead contains a story. At the same time, the brand more to "Unforgettable Moments" (not forgotten memories) for the branding language and want to show off every female customer string a story chain.
Because "I met you in the Eiffel Tower", so the tower shape of small beads to one; because "you send me the first gift is a bear", so the little bear shape beads to a ... ... The little beads with the love story are strung together to form a chain that commemorates the moving moments of the couple.
In addition, Pandora not only hit the romantic love card, but also has a warm family affection story. During this year's Mother's Day, Pandora took the "Unique Connection" (the unique connection) as the main line, shooting children blindfolded through the sense of smell and touch to find their mother's process accurately. Which tells "because you know the special, perhaps Pandora can find as you generally special jewelry," the ultimate purpose of advertising.